Dijamin! Mereka yang Melakukan 5 Hal ini Akan Hidup Sukses dan Bahagia

If you are very serious about earning college degrees online, you need to be well aware of the common problems faced by students who choose to earn an online college degree and come up with a solution to deal with this problem or simply take the advice offered in this article. Here are 7 common problems faced by online degree college students and a helpful advice to solve each problem: 1. Students take forever to earn their degrees. As an online college student, you need to be disciplined and acquire time management skills. Since students get to come up with their own schedule and study at their own pace, the tendency to procrastinate will be pretty high; thus, leading to a delay in earning your degree. Advice: Learn time management! Stick to your schedule even if it kills you! 2. Reliable internet connection is a must! It is important to have a reliable internet connection in especially if you need to take classes in real time and get access to all your online lectures. Advice: Get a fast and reliable internet service 3. Fake online schools! There are so many fake schools offering college degrees online. Many students have spent their valuable time and money, only to end up with a questionable college certificate. Advice: Ensure that the school you plan to enroll in is accredited and truly exists. 4. Must be computer savvy Not everyone knows how to effectively use a computer. Online schools simply assume that you are computer and internet savvy. Advice: Learn how to use the computer effectively 5. No direct interaction with teacher A lot of people cannot learn without direct interaction with their instructors and their grades may end up suffering. Advice: You can consistently write to your online teacher asking questions related to the course areas you do not understand. 6. Credits may not be very easy to transfer You may not find it very easy to transfer your class credits into a future or existing course of study. Advice: Make sure you call and ask the school whether the class credit will transfer - get a definite answer. 7. College degrees online are not free! Many people are fooled into thinking that they can earn a degree online free off charge. Advice: Find out "how true" the information is. Remember, the teachers need to be paid for their services, where will the money be coming from if you are not paying tuition fees?

Do you usually think "oh my god! I would really love to earn a college degree, but I have a job and the nearest school of higher learning is 2 buses and a train ride away from my home and I really do not want to quit my job now." Fret not! Do you know that you can earn a college degree online without the danger of losing your job? Well, like the Pointer Sisters would say: "Oh yes you can, oh yes you can can!!!" Here are some of the benefits of getting your online college degree: It Is Flexible This is perhaps the major benefit of learning on the internet. You can study at any college or university of your choice without going across town to attend classes. Unlike traditional on-campus degree programs, you do not have to contend with traffic in order to make it to your classes on time - you can learn right in the comfort of your apartment and or office. Online degree programs offer you the opportunity to keep your job and also attend to your family matters as well. Those who take advantage college degree online programs can study at their own pace and on their own schedule. Very Convenient Studying to get your online college degree is a lot easier and a lot more convenient than doing it the old fashioned way. You can skip the process of standing in (very) long enrolment lines, sucking-up in order to get the teachers' attention or go to the campus bookstore at the start of each semester, phew! Enrolling in classes is as easy as clicking your mouse and Tada! You will be done in just 10 to 5 minutes tops! You do not need to compete for the teacher's attention; you can have it anytime you want. Class materials will be sent to you via email or you just have to download them. Saves Valuable Time And Money With college degree online programs, you will not have to waste your time commuting to and from school; you can use those precious hours to study. Many online college degree courses can be completed at a shorter amount of time than the traditional on-campus education. Studying online also saves you money in the following areas: • Books and other learning materials • Bus, train, taxi fares • Filling up your car gas tank • Parking fees • Campus housing fees

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