Bila 6 Momen Pertengkaran Ini Sudah Dilewati, Persahabatan Kalian Sudah Sukses Teruji

To some, CheapOstay is just another one of those online travel agencies with gimmicky names. But are they reliable enough and can they really get cheap hotel rooms as the name claims? Specifically, CheapOstay is an online hotels' only reservation agency. Though they are a part of a bigger Internet travel agency with offers on plane tickets and car rentals. There are many other online travel companies that provide the same services but CheapOstay is very good at providing better rates than their local competitors but not as well as their regional counterparts. In a nutshell CheapOstay offers low discount hotel rates for accommodations in the United States and neighboring countries like Canada, South America and the islands off of the east coast of USA. However, they do not seem to provide better rates or offer more choices of accommodations in Asia and Europe. That is because CheapOstay is a company based in the USA. Since they are headquartered there they are much more knowledgeable and specialized about the hotel market in the North and South American region. Though they are worth checking and comparing for room rates for any hotel in the world you are interested in staying at. Hotel properties all over the world partner with CheapOstay because they will be much more easier to be found on the Internet. After all, 99.9% of all travelers today book their own hotel rooms on the world wide web. By partnering with CheapOstay, hotels have greater chances of having their properties noticed by travelers looking for budget hotels and luxury accommodations from New York to San Francisco. In return, CheapOstay or any other hotel reservation agency receives a block of discounted room rates at which when a room is booked a part of the discount gets passed onto guests. Best thing of all though is when hotels have some sort of fire sale where they immediately have to have a certain amount of rooms filled. Hotels will notify CheapOstay about these last minute hotel deals that are not advertised on their own website. Hotels will usually put up last minute hotel deals on CheapOstay because they need to meet some required room quota for the month to avoid losing money. In the world of advertising and marketing it's usually companies with such cheesy names that actually perform as advertised. In this case CheapOstay does provide cheaper rates for hotels. To find more information on where to look for discount hotel deals visit Where to Find the Best Online Hotel Booking Websites. Edwin M. Clark is a consultant for working for large travel companies around the world. Currently he resides in Asia where he writes articles on budget traveling as well as traveling to wonderful and exciting Asia.

So you are planning to make a business trip or vacation? You are also trying to determine what type of accommodation to choose when you travel? You have put in a lot of time and did your research to find the names of many motels and hotels, but you really aren't sure of the difference between a hotel and motel, so you can't decide where you should make your reservations, correct? What Is The Difference Between A Motel And A Hotel? The Hotel The hotel is a business, that provides lodging for a short period of time. In the past people were supplied with a bed, cabinet, a small desk or table and a wash basin in the room, but with time they soon came with modern amenities like bathrooms, heating, air conditioning, refrigerators, and more. Today they provide telephone, tv, and internet or wi-fi access to the guests. In the larger hotel chains the guests will usually have a gym facility, swimming pools, restaurants, and conference rooms. By checking hotel reviews before booking reservations, one can find which of these features and services are provided there. The amenities, services, features, and the facilities offered in each hotel, though, can be different in one country to another. In England, for example, the law states that food can only be served within predetermined hours to guests, but there are many private hotels to be found, where these rules simply don't apply. In other countries like Canada, Australia, Ireland, and some areas of the United States, a hotel can mean a bar or a pub and may not even provide sleeping accommodations. The word hotel in Bangladesh, India and certain parts of Asia, is referred to as a restaurant. The Motel After World War II the word motel started to appear in the dictionaries. It really was originally a hotel, that was designed for travelers in vehicles to stop at night and to also provide for plenty of parking space for their vehicles. The word motel is literally a combination of the term motorist and hotel. A motel initially consisted of one facility which had connecting rooms, where all doors faced the parking lot. When the national highways started to develop and a need for less expensive hotels was sought, the idea of motels began to grow. These were very accessible nightly accommodations located close to all the main roads. The Hotel Versus The Motel One One difference between most motels and hotels is in their architecture. They will differ in both the construction as well as layout. Most hotels will normally have many rooms on separate floors of the establishment having stairwells, elevators and internal hallways, which lead directly to the rooms. On the other hand, motels normally only have one or two floors, and the guests can access their individual rooms directly from the parking area without traveling through any lobbies or corridors. Hotels will usually offer more services than a motel. These services could include things like a restaurant, gym, swimming pools, room service, and others. While motels are generally known to offer less services, you may find a few, which also have swimming facilities, a complimentary continental breakfast, and a few other things. Probably the main and many times the most important difference between a motel and a hotel is in the price. In most instances, the hotels will charge more than the motels for a night's stay, but if you travel to less populated areas, then the rate of a discount hotel, and motel in a city, may be close to the same. Another difference is that guests can book more nights in a hotel, as they traditionally cater to a longer stay. There is also a difference found in the location of most motels and hotels. Motels are usually found in out of the way areas, while hotels will usually be found in cities and urban areas. Basically a motel is a hotel found near a highway, where guests can spend a night, while traveling long distances. But in the case of a hotel, they are more often used for an extended stay.

If outdoor activities and sports in resplendent green mountains followed by evenings of candle lit dinners and wine by the lake intrigue you, then Banff should be the destination for your next vacation. A dream location for the naturalist at heart, Banff is located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and offers world-class adventures and hospitality services. Whether you are seeking a relaxing family vacation or an adventurous outdoor getaway, choosing Banff as your next travel destination is a decision you won't regret. The only debate you will have is deciding when to go, as both the winter and summer seasons have their respective benefits. Few areas in the world encounter the dramatic shift in seasonal temperatures that occur in this area of Western Canada. During the cold months Banff becomes a winter wonderland. Home to some of the best mountains for skiing in the world, it would take months to conquer all of the available runs. There is so much variety that you can pick and choose where you want to ski based on the type of experience you want. Certain mountains are more gradual, designed for those with limited experience or for those who are seeking a relaxed day on the hills. Conversely there are runs that challenge the experienced skier and professional alike, as many national events are held in this area. Regardless of what type of ski resort you are looking for, snowfall and conditions won't be something to worry about. A long cold season allows resorts to groom and care for runs as trees become buried under deep snowpack. Fresh powder often awaits those who get there early. A long cold season means that summer days are full of sunshine. During the summer Banff averages nearly 15 hours of sun a day! Ski resorts dry up and blossom into bike trails and rock climbing locations, and it is not uncommon to see elk in the downtown sector. Whether conquering a mountain or simply exploring one is the idea, the majestic Rocky Mountains are home to an incredible number of plants and animals that have adapted to life hundreds of feet above sea level. If you aren't interested in extreme sports, there are literally hundreds of walking trails to explore complete with warm fresh water lakes to cool off in along the way. Depending on the size of your group and the intentions of your visit, you may decide to stay in the town proper or stay closer to where the action takes place. For example, if you are visiting in the winter with the intentions of exploring one particular ski resort, then consider staying on the mountain itself. If the vacation is taking place during the summer, perhaps staying in the downtown region will be a better fit. There you have access to local shops and restaurants, and all the privacy you need for some rest and relaxation. No matter where or when you choose to visit, you are guaranteed friendly service and world-class hospitality. Banff is a popular tourist destination and the town has quality amenities that aim to please. No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to find the beauty of nature when you visit.

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