Sebelum Sibuk Mengurus Rumah Tangga, Aku Ingin Membahagiakan Orang Tua

Most people won't see $1 million dollars in their lifetime, but one anonymous condo buyer has spent more than 50 times that amount purchasing three luxury condos in the Fairmount Pacific Rim Luxury Hotel. The average cost of a condo at the hotel will set the average buyer back by more than $1.5 million for a 1,300 square foot 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. But the pocket-lined buyer of the 3 top floors of the Pacific Rim will have way more than 1,300 measly square feet to enjoy. The four properties combined cover over 15,000 square feet overlooking the gorgeous river below and the Vancouver Mountains in the backdrop. The first purchase made in the three condo sale, was a penthouse on the top floor for a cool $25 mil. The other three were sub-penthouses and completed the sale. This downtown condo is the epitome of luxury and is hard to compare with other condos in its general vicinity. The Pacific Rim Hotel is known for its opulent luxury and when you stand in one of their rooftop penthouses you being to understand why it costs $55 million to live there. The $55 million dollar sale included the hotel's amenities such as a rooftop lap pool, spa, and top of the line board rooms, BBQ pit, and exercise room. The technology in the hotel provides guests with unsurpassed five star quality services. To decrease the hotel's carbon footprint new technology now allows visitors and owners to check in with the property by downloading an app on their iPhone or iPad. If there is any doubt this condo is anything but luxury one only needs to acknowledge that Fairmount Pacific Rim has been named Canada's #1 hotel by Leisure World's Best Reader's Survey. The agents who made this historic sale have kept silent on who the buyer of the three penthouse suites is, but they will say that it now belongs to a very, very prominent middle eastern Prince. They will also speak to what the buyer asked for which was luxury, and a lot of it. The idea was to great a pure pleasure palace simple for brief visits and not for permanent living quarters. Of course, anyone willing to spend that kind of money on a vacation home certainly has some eyebrows rising, but in Vancouver it is not out of the ordinary.

Cancun is the most popular resort city in Mexico. It's known for being an exotic beach with clear waters, luxurious resorts, entertainment, exciting nightlife, and so forth. It's been a top, spring break tourist spot for a decade or so now. College kids in the US and Canada, newlyweds, and travelers who simply want to get away and enjoy themselves for a couple of days take advantage of all inclusive Cancun vacations every single year. It's hard to believe that just 30 years ago, the city was a tiny fishing village with less than 125 people! These days, tourists come in from all over the world every single year, bringing a lot of money with them. If you want to be a tourist this year, your best bet is to go with a vacation package rather than trying to pay for everything separately. Since it's such a hot spot for tourists, the resorts, restaurants, and entertainment centers in the area offer amazing deals as part of a package. Just look online for all inclusive Cancun vacations and you will find countless options. Cruise ships usually stop in the area and let passengers spend a day enjoying excursions as well. Whether you want to fly there or sail, you can find some great discounts and coupon offers that will help you save. The most popular travel websites, such as Travelocity and Expedia, should be the first places you look. Hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise lines, etc. all team up to provide consumers with all inclusive Cancun vacations. These packages are advertised at the most well known travel sites. You can also visit forums and blogs to see if you can find any deals. Bloggers, webmasters, and other travelers will keep others updated on deals. Since Cancun caters to every type of traveler, you might be eligible for certain discounts. For instance, there are tons of honeymoon vacation packages to choose from, as well as family-friendly vacations, student discounts, and so forth. Even if you just want to go by yourself, you can still find some money saving opportunities. You can avoid crowds by not going during spring break. Airfare and accommodation are usually cheaper during the fall. In winter, tourists from Europe flock to Cancun to get away from cold weather. In spring, American and Canadian college students all like to visit. However, if money isn't an issue, and you want to go this winter or spring yourself, just look online to check out all inclusive Cancun vacations. You should be able to find a good package that includes everything, including airfare, cruise deals (if you want to go on a cruise), hotel accommodation, car rental, dining, and so forth.

It wasn't long after I learned about the "idea" of surgery vacations at a local travel show in Long Beach that I dared take one of the greatest adventures of my life -- a memorable 1st trip to Thailand -- with a face lift "on the side." VIP treatment began at Bangkok's airport when I was picked up and taken directly to YanHee International Hospital, where my surgeon and staff awaited my evening arrival. Thailand hospitals are immaculate and staffed with lots of beautiful RNs, who tend to be charming, as well as knowledgeable and efficient. My plastic surgeon, Dr. Vitawat Angkatavanich, made me feel as if he had all the time in the world to answer any questions and address my concerns - in perfect English. Although I had prepared myself mentally and emotionally to have the procedure done before I left home, I promised to listen to my instincts and back out, even at the last moment. After all this was only research... I was supremely lucky to cross paths with the right doctor, at the right hospital. All this sweet and respectful attention centered on me was very pleasing. After about an hour, I gave the go ahead to Dr. Vitawat to perform my face and neck lift. "Before" pictures were taken. Directives were issued to start tests early in the morning. Surgery was scheduled for 1PM. It was now around 9PM - enough time for my companion Barry and I to grab a taxi to the nearest night market. We bought shoes for exploring a new land. In the morning, my anesthesiologist was one of the first to visit. She earnestly explained, in English, the risks of anesthesia, and the procedure, reminding me that I was facing major surgery. "Yes. Yes." I assured her. I was confident in my decision. I was dozing off as they rolled me to the operating theater. Along the way, I noticed that I was being transferred to a number of different gurneys. Groggily, I complained about being jostled so often, when a voice assured me it was nothing to worry about. This was to ensure that I was kept in a sterile environment. In fact, MRSA infections are almost nonexistent in Thailand hospitals, whereas we've got better than a 60% chance of catching a staph infection in hospitals in the US, the UK, or Canada. And those statistics are climbing. The level of care provided was superlative. After surgery, my button requests were answered within minutes. Movie stars get treatment like this. No worries about the language barrier here. The RN's seem to travel in groups. It's most endearing to wake up and see a cluster of Thai faces, in crisp nurses hats, gathered around your bed, deeply concerned about how you are feeling. It was soon apparent that what one doesn't understand another one will, and somehow, everyone ends up happy in this, "Land of Smiles" - especially the patient. My private room had a balcony with a view of Bangkok. Barry was free to roam but bunked in with me on a comfortable cot for the duration of my 3 day stay. It was great to have him witness my experience. After surgery, my diet consisted of fruit and vegetable juices while he ordered aromatic Thai gourmet dishes that I found impossible to resist tasting. My fine doctor stopped in again on the morning of departure. We met about a week later when I returned to have some stitches removed. He was there for a final look and I was given the green light to fly back home to LA. Discharge Day - Before leaving Yanhee, I was given a local cell phone with programmed contact numbers. An English speaking driver, who was at our disposal, was there to pick up and drop us off at the 5 star, Majestic Grand Hotel, off Sukumvit. The concierge had been alerted. A fruit basket awaited us in a lovely room. A pool, beautiful Spa and 24 hour room service was also available. It was only the 4th day after surgery but rather than resting and staying put at this gorgeous hotel, our driver had some suggestions. I felt well enough to shop the floating market, ride an elephant, and enjoy a traditional Thai meal before attending a staged Thai cultural event - all in the same day, few hours from Bangkok. Countless, memorable experiences awaited us in Thailand and the richness of Bangkok was ripe for exploring. We decided to move down the street to the 3 star, Majestic Hotel on Sukumvit for a few days and shopped till we dropped. Our driver suggested a boutique hotel on the Chao Praya River, not far from the fascinating Oriental and Peninsula Hotels, as well as the famous, backpacker inn, the River View, where we enjoyed a casual, inexpensive dinner on the terrace with its million dollar view. It was as memorable as the dark, scary walk through Chinatown on the way home. No worries though, Bangkok is an amazingly safe city. ALERT! - Taxi driver - ALERT! Fortunately, the only weak link in Bangkok are the taxis. We were fortunate to have a driver with a good understanding of English, which isn't the norm. He knew the city and surrounding area well and made great suggestions. We skipped the tailor shop, but really enjoyed a stop at the Jewelry center. Bangkok is known for its precious stones, especially its rubies. It's always best to carry a card from your hotel or hospital with its address and telephone number, in case you decide to hop a cab or a Tuk-Tuk. Save yourself a lot of transit trouble - Before climbing into a taxi: 1. Make sure it's a Metered Taxi and that the driver has his license displayed on the dash. 2. Never agree to make a deal without the meter running. 3. Ask the door man, who will generally understand English, to confirm the destination with the taxi driver and perhaps write the address or Soi number in Thai for the driver. 4. All drivers have cell phones. When in doubt, ask them to call for instructions and tip them an extra 20 baht for the favor, when you finally arrive. 5. You are expected to pay for any tolls, so make sure you have small change. Accept that traffic is awful in Bangkok - It's a toss-up as to whether or not it's worse than the #405 in LA. Do yourself a favor. Trust the BTS Sky-Train or MRT Subway to get you to Bangkok's fabulous malls, the weekend, or night markets, as well as most events in town. Bangkok's streets and public transportation are immaculate. Signage is in Thai as well as English, with lots of uniformed security people available for help along the way. Wear loose, lightweight clothing - and sturdy shoes, as the sidewalks are neglected. Expect to climb stairs. Asia wasn't created with the disabled in mind. Recuperation at Home - I don't remember any kind of real pain, just a little discomfort. More than 2 months after my surgery, I noted that my face was still a bit swollen on one side, and it itched a little, but the numbness was going away. As a side sleeper, the worst part of my surgery was getting used to sleeping on my back. Once off all meds and home sleeping in my own bed, it was challenging find the right pillow or the perfect spot. My cozy couch saved many a night because the pillows made it difficult to turn over without waking to reposition myself. A few months later, all was forgotten and I was just enjoying the results. I look at least ten years younger. Women in my circle can easily spend more than that in a year on facial treatments and make-up alone. I'm thrilled not to be covering my saggy neck, or creepy jowls with high necklines and scarves. Now, with everything back in place on my face, there's not much to cover up or disguise. Eyebrow pencil, an eyelash curler, and some colored lip gloss gets me out the door in the morning. At the end of the day, when I wash my face and brush my teeth, I enjoy the familiar face of my late 40's smiling back at me.

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