Sekuat Apapun Usahamu, Jika Tak Diiringi dengan Doa, Tetap Saja Takkan Bermakna

Years ago, BC's government sponsored travel agency coined the phrase Supernatural British Columbia to describe a British Columbia, Canada vacation experience. The term really can't be topped. There is no place on this planet like BC. From south to north, the visual tapestry of the British Columbia landscape makes the most profound memories for travellers. Although the Alps in Europe rival the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and Coast mountain ranges in BC, it is the wildlife and sparsely populated wild regions that make BC special. If being alone with nature is your need, BC's rugged mountainous terrain will give you all the solitude you could ask for. And you'd be enjoying every minute. There are hundreds of reasons to visit BC but one that stands out is the town of Whistler located an hour north of Vancouver on the Sea to Sky highway. It is rated as one of the world's top ski resorts yet it offers much more than skiing. If the destination of Whistler isn't enough, just getting there is part of the fun. Most drives to a vacation getaway are boring journeys, but not this one. Setting out on a bus ride or car ride from Vancouver you'll see spectacular mountainside scenery along the coast of Howe Sound. The bay and the towering mountains next to it are a cradle of incredible beauty that has inspired artists for a century. You'll pass Horseshoe Bay with its ferry port terminal and Cypress Provincial Park with its pristine mountain lakes, rugged snow capped peaks and forests of fir, hemlock and yellow cypress. BC Mountain Climbing Next on the rising highway is the city of Squamish where land values are increasing fast because of this area's growing popularity, and the upcoming Winter Olympic games. Whistler will host a number of skiing events in the 2010 games. Squamish is a mecca for mountain climbers who scale the high rock faces east of the town. Squamish is best known for the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park, which is a top North American mountain climbing site. Locals call the granite cliff visible from the highway "The Chief". Top mountain climbers from around the world come to test themselves on this 700 metres (2,296.6 ft or two times the height of the CN Tower's observation level) high granite cliff. Mountain bikers too love the rugged trails and the opportunity to ride offroad all the way to Whistler to the north. The local mountain bike race sold all its 600 race entries in under one hour to indicate how fervent is people's desire to be involved in recreation in this area. The Squamish Mountain Festival held in mid July is a huge draw and celebrates the life of bouldering, climbing, and the joy of mountain culture. The Crankworx Bike Festival is another big event in Whistler in August that draws thousands of visitors through Squamish. As you leave the region at the end of Howe Sound you can look back at a wonderful setting of sparkling water and mountain peaks fading in the distance. It's even better at sunset. The elevation is now high and you're entering the coast mountain range and the Garibaldi highlands. Here in Garibaldi Park you can white water raft, mountain bike, hike, explore and see towering waterfalls and climb on top of gigantic tree stumps. Blackcomb Whistler Mountains Whistler lies at the foot of two mountains, Blackcomb and Whistler providing plenty of ski runs for Canada's top ski resort. With the awarding of the 2010 winter Olympics to Vancouver and Whistler, the nation's best will just get better as a resort and place for everyone to visit. During the summer tourists take the long gondola ride up Whistler mountain for spectacular views of the Coast mountain range. Most people however know Whistler as a ski area and there is an endless array of downhill ski runs and hi speed lifts. During the summer, mountain bikers take over the same lifts to begin an exhilarating bike ride down the mountain trails. The area's extensive lifts are capable of transporting 60,000 skiers or riders per hour. Both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains offer over 100 trails each with the longest trail being an incredible 11 kms. There are areas for cross country skiing too. One very close by has 32 kms of skiable terrain including trails next to an alpine lake. Whistler Blackcomb is being developed for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games so the skiing here is definitely world class. If you're a novice skier or snowboarder, don't be daunted as there plenty of novice and intermediate ski runs. Annual snowfall in Whistler is an amazing 9 feet or almost three metres deep. The vertical rise from Whistler Village to the summit of Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb mountain is over 5,000 feet. That's almost one mile up. You'll find the Gondola experience amazing too. Many tourists take the Gondola to the top of the ski hill to dine at the restaurant there or just take in the spectacular views of BCs Coastal Mountain Range. There is a new gondola that takes riders from the top of one mountain to the other. The village of Whistler is a modern yet quaint collection of hotels, stores, and restaurants catering to the ski and mountain biker enthusiasts. You don't have to ski or ride a bike to enjoy being here though. There are plenty of shopping outlets and restaurants to visit, and you can explore the region up the highway up to where you might go canoeing, Alpine hiking, snowtubing, wildlife viewing, ATV'ing, or for a zipline tour through the forest canopy.

Los Cobanos, El Salvador, is located in Sonsonate one of the country's 14 provinces and home to the largest coral reef system in the America's Pacific region. You cannot find a larger coral reef system anywhere along the American pacific coast line from Cabo San Lucas to Tierra del Fuego. This pacific 'gem' is for many a fishing reference when it comes down to selecting a prime destination of world class fishing and affordable packages. The marine ecosystem and biodiversity of species account for excellent targets during the dry and rainy season alike. The added value in the area can be credited to the All-Inclusive Hotel Royal Decameron Salinitas which is located 5 minutes away from the fishing grounds and the hotel facilities make Los Cobanos a must on any angler's agenda. A mere coincidence or a 'happy accident' like Bob Ross would have put it best, the hotel has come to benefit life around the coral reef to spark tourism at world class level. Additional to the Central American tourists, on a monthly basis there are charter flights from Canada, United States, and the Czech Republic creating the perfect multicultural atmosphere. There is one activity that prevails under the sunny days and the clear waters on the reef; fishing! The common denominator with many guests seems to be a day of near shore, deep sea, or bottom fishing and celebrating post-fishing with a cold beer in hand. Fishing is also a great way to meet new individuals from other walks of life at Hotel Decameron and if you are traveling alone one of the tips we can share with you that works best, is to use the forums on the (trip advisor dot com website) as it will give you an opportunity to better coordinate your trip and meet other members to sign up to tours prior to your arrival to Hotel Decameron Salinitas. One company specializing in all-around tourism in El Salvador is the experienced (tours and entertainment dot com) which can package many deals to your convenience and work with you on an itinerary that fits your needs and expectations prior to your arrival in El Salvador, Central America.

America is an amazing country. A trade in the United States or even in Canada can be typically started in no time at all. In the past few years, putting up a company has been made much simpler with the small number of franchise opportunities obtainable to the community. Looking the right franchise opportunity to establish a trade in is not a simple job. There are innumerable numbers of businessmen out there who are enthusiastically waiting for you to close their franchise deals and agreement, but which one must you pick? You have lots of choices to pick from like the following: foodstuff franchises, commerce franchises, car franchises, small daycare franchises, and restaurant franchises, market franchises, even hotel franchises, tour franchises, home-based industry franchises, and even now the most famous web-based franchises. The openings are continuous for keen trade owners. The walks of life that which potential franchise proprietors get are from entirely different paths. Irritated business workers, earlier commerce owners, university graduates, even educators prefer the Franchise method. Why do they decide for franchising? Well, the figures talk for themselves. -Less than 5% of franchises fall short in their initial year of business -85% of franchises are believed to still be in commerce 10 years after it started Self-governing start-ups, also acknowledged as small commerce opportunities are rather different, well in fact a lot dissimilar. -40% end process in 12 months of opening -92% are out of commerce by the 10th year With the assessment of those 2 figures alone, it is clear to see the reason why a lot of people decide to try the franchising method against a simple small trade opening. The franchisers give the franchisee with huge support, goods, preparation, along with support in advertising. Advertising is a vital feature for franchises to increase advertise share within the 1st several of years. If no one knows in relation to your business, it is actually hard to get customers. The Royalties are hypothetically there to assist in local as well as state-wide marketing labors for the franchisee. The cut that is used for publicity differs from one franchise to another franchise, although normally it is around 3-4%. It is my conviction that self-governing start-ups or small trade opportunities fall short so rapidly as a result of lack advertising strategy as well as experience. The proprietors typically get disheartened extremely fast and lock up store before investing too much effort as well as funds. This is regrettable, for the reason that a lot of these businesses are vast ideas and could present a huge assessment to the client - a lot of times even better compared with a franchise opening could give and offer.

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