Why Gaming Is Harmful To Children

Gaming is a beautiful and exciting pastime for youngsters , but it's harmful to children since it poses dangers of addiction, low academic performance and lifestyle disease. Contemporary society is replete with multifarious activities that children can engage in during leisure. To parents, gaming is vital because it preoccupies the minds of youngsters , and keeps them faraway from trouble. It is common, therefore, for folks to shop for various sorts of games for his or her children to play. In fact, other toys are losing relevance, as young children embrace more exciting activities. However, it's crucial for folks to critically analyze and review the importance of those games within the lives of their children, vis-à-vis other recreational activities like sports.

To begin with, video games and other sorts of games played by children are addictive and harmful to children. Young people can become so dependent that they can't resist the allure of games. The problem with addiction is that it dominates the mind and negates other useful activities. Children hooked in to gaming lose interest in personal responsibilities like hygiene. They are also less willing to assist their parents with household chores, due to the compulsive behavior. Eventually, they become robot-like, with their minds being preoccupied by the games they're interested in .

Closely associated with addiction is poor academic performance - another harmful effect of gaming. This activity takes away the time the kid should spend in study. Many children like better to play rather than doing their homework. Some even hide favorite games, and play while in bed. It is also common to seek out games in children's bags in class . In addition, such children lose focus during lessons as they believe their favorite games. They cannot await the day to finish , for them to rush elsewhere and continue with the activity. In the midst of all this, the child's performance suffers.

Finally, since children play games indoors, they continue to be during a sedentary state most of the time, thus becoming susceptible to lifestyle complications like obesity and diabetes. The body lacks exercise, compared to a toddler involved in physical sports outside the house. Moreover, such children tend to eat tons of food , thus aggravating illnesses like hypertension. Lack of clean air inside the house and the neglect of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, also contribute to the lateral expansion of the body. In essence, gaming is exciting, but its harmful effects far outweigh its benefits to children.

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