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In the past fortnight the most recent handheld of the eight generation of gaming has arrived. The PlayStation Vita made its debut in late February to North American markets and has quickly proven to be a title which will compete with the Nintendo 3DS for the market share of handhold gaming. As PlayStation and Nintendo are the sole two franchises that currently have handheld gaming consoles, the PS VITA are going to be the flagship of Playstation's plan to dominate the handhold niche. With the processing power of the PlayStation 2 console during a pocket-sized shell, it's great for gamers who have a couple of minutes (or hours) to kill.

Similar in look and feel to its predecessor the PlayStation Portable (or PSP), the Vita uses two analog sticks, geometric buttons, and a direction pad just like the controller of a normal Playstation, all sandwiched around the central display. Unlike previous models, however, this unit is capable of touchscreen interface also as Wi-Fi connections. The PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi not only can run specific apps within the same sense as a smartphone, but also can download e-books and programs used on netbooks. Unlike Nintendo's 3DS, the Vita has been aggressively marketed the maximum amount quite a computer game player.

The most interesting feature of the Vita could also be that it runs a completely new OS . The traditional interface of PlayStation products has been updated with a touchscreen system called LiveArea, allowing users to see out various programs for games, web browsing, photos, music, the PlayStation Store (where apps are often purchased), and any friends playing online. While there are some limitations to the Vita browser -- it cannot run Adobe Flash, the program that YouTube videos are played on -- it can nevertheless give Internet access that rivals the connections of iPhones or Androids. The most popular apps are almost like those of smart phones: social networking, like Facebook and Twitter, are all available freed from charge, while sites like Wikipedia charge only a small fee.

With nearly three dozen titles available on launch, along side dozens of download-only titles. The highly anticipated forth chapter within the Uncharted series, Golden Abyss, has been released as a Vita exclusive, while the third installment of Assassin's Creed, the Brotherhood game, is sold in some packages with the console itself. The Vita is additionally backwards-compatible with PSP titles, allowing players to travel through their library of old games on a replacement machine.

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