Are You A Sports Gamer?

Do you play sports video games? For tons folks sports fans the solution is yes, and that we don't even need to hide the very fact that we do. We all have our own little man cave area where we play, or should I say waste, untold hours thereupon game pad in our hands. Whether it's PS3, XBOX,Wii, or Nintendo we all have our favourite games, a number of which we've played since childhood. Some would say we never stage left to start with.

According to Wiki Answers, 65% of all males say they need played a minimum of 1 computer game within the last 3 years. I don't skills scientific that survey is but it sounds about right.

My top 5 favorite sports video games franchises of all time are:

1) Madden NFL Football. Wow what a shock, right? It's not that I even have liked each release but as an entire Madden just about set the quality for sports gaming. I am not a man who can just stick a game within the machine and play it. I have to fiddle with sliders and gameplay to make it as close to the real thing as I can. No cheese!! Anyway, Madden comes as close tot he real McCoy as possible.

2) EA's NCCA Football. Ok, it's really Maddens little bother because they're made by an equivalent company and every one the controls are about an equivalent but that's where it ends because the NCAA series captures College Football right right down to the mascots and fight songs. I love having the ability to run the choice during a game and you'll even recruit players and build your own dynasty! I have played this game and accumulated 15 and 20 seasons as a teacher . Love it!

3) MLB The Show. Must have some baseball in my video diet and while i feel it is the most difficult sport to possess accuracy in from a computer game there's still nothing like crushing a ball 450 feet off the bat of Josh Hamilton or another slugger. Of course, baseball may be a purist sport and therefore the stats are what the sport is all about. Baseball video games have a tough time with reality especially with things likes walks, errors and other numbers.

4) The Baseball Mogul. You may not have heard of this one but it's so addictive to play. Baseball Mogul may be a complete statistically based game where you're basically the GM of a team (the real teams) and you're responsible of everything from a financial standpoint like player and TV contracts all the way down to the price of a hot dog. It's very deep micro managing and you've got to quite be a numbers nut to understand it and you want to have an understanding of the way to run a team . If you've got a star player on the increase does one sign him future or trade him at just the proper time? Pretty cool stuff!

5) Tecmo Bowl. This game came call at 1988 and remains being played! I must have spent weeks in hibernation playing this quirky little football on my Nintendo with the corny music. In some respects it had been better than madden because the sport itself was pretty smart and you had to to be specialized to possess any fun with it. But the downside is that this game only had 3 or 4 plays per team and not all the NFL teams were within the game. Still, my fingers are still sore from playing it.

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