Do Video Games Have an Importance in Our Lives?

For the bulk of the population (mostly parents), video games are an entire waste of your time and efforts. Every gamer, regardless of where he may reside, has definitely heard the disadvantages of playing games. But does one know that video games can even have a positive impact on your life. And I don't mean to worry upon the very fact that by shooting a few of aliens you'll become a top achiever in life. You need to understand that there are loads of other games apart from the shooting action and they are helping people in several ways.

The best example is a simulation game where you are given the complete freedom to manoeuvre vehicles, build a city or simply participate in day to day activities in a virtual environment. What is so great about this? Well for a start, the mistakes that you make are completely harmless and won't cost you anything in real life. Moreover, you can keep doing the same thing over and over again till you feel that you have adequate command over it. Some of the state building or management simulations can ago an extended way in training an individual to know the finer nuances of the appliance . For example, if you were to practice your management skills in FIFA Manager Games, then you'll expect to form less mistakes if you're ever put within the position to handle a real team.

Think about all the emotions that a gamer experiences during playing games. Anger, sadness, happiness and a whole lot of other emotions. We should take more seriously the thought that games helps us feel better, within the moment, which this is often important work. Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology proposed a new framework in 2011 where he introduced the concept of PERMA where;

P - Positive Emotions
E - Engagement with challenging work and activities that require us to use our personal strengths
R - Relationships or strong social connections with friends, family, peers
M - Meaning or a sense of being a part of something bigger than ourselves or being of service to a larger group or cause
A - Accomplishment or the prospect to find out , recover and achieve
On evaluating gamers about their level of emotional satisfaction (by keeping PERMA as the evaluating criteria), we were able to deduce that players are indeed happy about playing video games and they are not only able to develop their skills (fast reflexes, better judgement, quick decision making, teamwork, etc.) but also better hand-eye coordination. With every game comes a replacement challenge that they need to overcome. The level of challenge is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to the mixing of cloud servers which enable players from across the world to play together in real time.

From a psychological perspective, there's something transcendent about playing games that lifts us up and out of the tedium and pain of lifestyle . You may have 1,000,000 reasons to be frustrated, but you'll always remove your aggression on the games (pretty harmless) rather than bellowing out on your colleagues or close ones. What could be better than this? And if you're ready to develop the proper set of skills, you'll even be selected to require part in testing out prototype games or new versions before they are even released in the market. How cool is that!

Video games play a crucial part in our lives and that we should learn to specialise in the greater good that's obtained. The society will be judgmental and it could take a very long time before we are able to change their perceptions about video gaming. Till then, the simplest that we will do on our part is to follow the proper approach to gaming in order that we will convince the planet that we are not wrong in choosing to be a gamer.

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